Do All Come And Play Orchestra

Why Da Capo?

Da Capo stands for Do All Come And Play Orchestra.  It is also a musical term meaning 'from the top' or 'right from the start'.  The idea is to provide beginning or rusty adult string players with the opportunity to make music together.  Some players - or former players - might not feel confident to join other local orchestras, so Da Capo is designed for them.

While our local amateur orchestras don't audition their players, they do play music that requires a certain level of technical competency.  Da Capo doesn't work like that - instead, we aim to tailor the music we play to what you can do... while encouraging you to progress.  We feel this is important because playing in a group - besides being great fun - also requires slightly different skills to playing on your own.  So we aim to cater for everybody.

There is absolutely no minimum standard required.  If you are picking up a violin, viola, 'cello or double bass for the first time - or the first time in forty years - and only feel confident to pluck open strings, we will adapt parts so that you can join in.